Objects of Virtu

Angelite portal, 23cm x 30 cm
‘Sun belly” Framed crochet/patchwork and acrylic paint. 40 cm x 30 cm
X8 X4 months

‘Love seeds’ Rock crystal and Pink Opal dangle earrings on porcelain buds.
‘Umbilicus’ 23cm x 33cm
‘Geo spirals’ 64cm x 49 cm
‘Dark umbilicus’ 23cm x 33cm

‘Golden duo’ for Bottega Veneta, 50cm x 90cm.


‘Embodiment’. Framed embroidered garments, 40cm x 50cm
Porcelain belt buckles and Brooches for Martine Rose. styling Tamara Rothstein.
Porcelain belt buckle for Martine Rose.
Venus and Neo fossil porcelain earrings.
Rosalia in the FACE wearing Venus Neo fossil earrings.
‘Aqua Stream’ Porcelain dangle earrings with Sterling Silver backings.
Embroidered dress and custom made beaded nipple dress for Robyn tour. Styling Tamara Rothstein
Porcelain Goddess dangles.
Robyn wearing Porcelain dangles.
Porcelain Conch vase, stocked at BOON the shop, Korea.


Porcelain Gold lustre vase, stocked at 12 thirteen store London.


LARA in Marfa journal wearing collage Porcelain dangles
‘Sacred Fruit’ Porcelain earrings in custom made box.